Founded in 2011 in Acqui Terme, in the province of Alessandria, Cuvage was born as a sparkling house offering wines that express a unique terroir made with both Metodo Classico (Traditional) and Metodo Martinotti (Charmat) methods. Cuvage was founded to emphasize a unique terroir and to honor the cradle of Italian sparkling wine which was born in this area in 1895, giving life to native varieties like Nebbiolo, Pinot Nero, Chardonnay for Metodo Classico wines and Moscato Bianco, Cortese and Brachetto for Martinotti method.

Cuvage Alta Langa wine bottle

Alta Langa

The nose reveals classic aromas of bread crust as well as unique mineral notes of flint. As the wine acclimates to the glass, the character of the cuvée emerges, conveying yellow fruit, currant, delicate wisteria, and slightly roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont. The palate is crisp, savory, with a good backbone.

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Cuvage Nebbiolo d'Albe wine bottle

Nebbiolo d’Alba

The nose shows hints of freshly baked bread, nutmeg, rose petals, currant, raisins, and wild strawberries. The palate is crunchy, fresh, intense, and persistent with typical notes of the nebbiolo grape. The wine is elegant, structured, and balanced.

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